Bankruptcy Defence

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Being made bankrupt


  1. When you can be made bankrupt
  2. Oppose a bankruptcy petition

Oppose a bankruptcy petition

You can oppose a bankruptcy petition if you don’t agree with it. You must do this at least 5 days before your bankruptcy hearing.

It doesn’t cost anything to apply.

You can hire a solicitor to help. Check whether you’re eligible for legal aid.

Download and fill in form Bank 6.

Send the form to the court that sent you the bankruptcy petition. You can submit it online but only if it was one of these courts:

  • Admiralty and Commercial Court
  • Chancery Division
  • Companies Court
  • High Court (including Bankruptcy Court)
  • London Mercantile Court
  • Rolls Building

If it was another court you’ll need to submit the form by post.

If you’ve been made bankrupt

You may be able to cancel your bankruptcy and stop it being advertised.